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May be a silly question but why top a product which leaves a sealant (BF) with another sealant (DGPS) ?
The thinking goes like this,

After using a ONE-STEP cleaner/wax, or cleaner/sealant or cleaner/hybrid or AIO by any other name, you then top the results with a product that does NOT have any cleaning aspect, thus you're laying down pure protection.

The first product, while it was cleaning or abrading, somehow at the same time it's protecting. At the same time it's protection, it's cleaning and/or abrading.

Everyone always wonders,

How can a one-step product do three things at the same time?

The answer is, it cannot do all three things as good as breaking each process down into it's own step using dedicated products, thus a one-step does three things but never as good as actual doing the three things,


That said - a good one-step does in fact do a good job within its limitations. I use the one-step process all the time and in fact it is my favorite and preferred way to detail a car UNLESS the owner of that car specifically wants a paint coating and then a product that contains a wax or sealant cannot be used.

There's two recent threads about this, here's one,

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And here's my article on what is called, topping from 2011,

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Wouldn't that prevent the DGPS from bonding to the paint ? Will a sealant bond to another sealant ?
Another great question and a common, common, common question that I've been answering for 18+ years now.

The first time I shared the answer from 2005, see post #6, the "quoted" section after this picture,

Do Glazes/Fillers affect the bonding of NXT?

And the updated version after I came to Autogeek I re-wrote or plagiarized myself, in 2010

Miscible and Immiscible - Wax and Paint Sealant Bonding

And while the original context for the answer to the question of whether a wax or sealant will bond to paint after polishing but without chemically stripping the polishing oils off the paint, I do believe the same chemistry and logic applies to applying a dedicated wax or sealant over a one-step cleaner/wax or AIO.

Hope that's as clear as cyber-mud.

And in the famous words of Tom Mosca,

I've never walked out into a garage only to find out that overnight the wax or paint sealant I applied slipped off the car's paint and piled-up on the floor surrounding the car because it didn't bond or stick to the paint.