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    Re: PC Modification For Use Without The Handle

    Old thread, I know. But..... When will Porter Cable get with the program and STOP supplying their polisher with this useless handle??

    I mean, by now someone in that company has HAD to have got a whiff of this. Just seems like they would want to make their very good polisher that much better by offering a loop handle.

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    Re: PC Modification For Use Without The Handle

    So whoever it was at Porter Cable who thought it was a good idea to use two different systems of measurement on the same machine (7424xp)... i can only hope a flock of pelicans finds his car and does what they do best. lol. 3 trips to the hardware store after first buying some 5/16-24 stainless screws.... then back to get some 5/16-18's since there are only two common fasteners in 5/16... only to find out here in this thread after thinking it used the long outdated and difficult to source 5/16-20 that the damn thing is really a metric M8x1.25. I own a lot of tools, and not one of them uses both Metric and Imperial. *sigh*.

    Well due to these technical difficulties, my little project this afternoon didn't quite get finished. I decided to make a new handle for my porter cable polisher since the big-wheel handlebar is about as useless as .... oh nvm... ill spare you the crude joke.

    Here it is so far. I made it from a piece of 1/8" thick steel flat bar from HD that I put in a bench vise and using a section of pipe, persuaded the bar to bend a few times into the shape in the photo below. I'm going to wrap the entire bar with paracord when i manage to find where i put it a while back. You can't see it, but there is a 'stop' on each side which fits into the opening just below the bolt hole on each side, preventing the handle from moving. I have them just temporarily tacked down using some CA glue but plan on spot welding them once i decide on whats the most comfortable position to angle the handle. Anyways... check it out.

    PC Modification For Use Without The Handle-portercablehandle-jpg

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