Could be solvent pop, but I can't tell from the pictures. When the paint goes in too thick, it can't breathe vapors out fast enough. Auto paint cures from inside out. I too have seen factory paint with these pin holes. But it would be hard to confuse with road chips. The vapor pop makes uniform small holes and to be honest, you can't even see them until you compound polish. They are so small that you really don't see them afterwards. When you polish paint with these holes, you push a usually light colored polish down into the holes, then you wipe off and wax or whatever, and bam you have a 100 tiny white dots, that are next to impossible to fix. When and if I get them, I immediately sand the paint down and repaint, not worth the headache of trying to fix them.

2 mils seems thin to me also,but I am not knowledgeable about Toyota's paint process.