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    Proper Procedure for Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal using an extractor

    If I have a dirty interior with light colored carpet, I will utilize my heated carpet extractor and follow this process:

    I air purge and dry brush/vacuum until satisfied. Then I will use the extractor and make a pass (or 2-3 depending upon the level of soil) to get all the 'loose' dirt tramped deep into the carpet. At that point I will spot treat any noticeable staining and then continue along with my normal carpet cleaning procedure, and finally extracting again.

    My thought on this is that my stain removers and cleaners can more effectively clean the fibers without all that 'loose' dirt still packed in it.

    However it seems as though everything I ever hear or see, everyone goes straight into their cleaning procedures directly after air purging and dry brush/vacuuming the carpet.

    What is the correct procedure? Will using the heated carpet extractor before utilizing any stain removers and cleaners increase the chances of setting stains?

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    Re: Proper Procedure for Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal using an extractor

    Pre-treat the entire carpet. Avoid excessive pH levels. 10 is as high as I would go. Use quality commercial products. If you use any type of APC (not necessarily the best route) be sure to get an inexpensive pH guage online and simply run a test to ensure proper dilution for the desired pH level. Use an anti-foaming agent in the machine waste tank of course and a quality rinse agent and pure water in the fresh water tank. Match the rinse agent to the Pre-treatment so that you are nuetral to slightly acidic when done. Done right unless the stains are something unique to the rest of the grime you likely won't need anything for the spots. However, if you do, do so after the pre-treatment. I like a citrus based cleaner if I need to do spot-work.

    Hope that helps.

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