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HyperWash has great suds, smells good, is highly concentrated, etc.........

None of these qualities are unique to HyperWash, but here is my one reason for always recommending it:

Before I tried HW, I would wash/clay my truck before polishing in the spring, and always notice how my pads picked up some form of dirt (In the form of "blackness" on the pad face). I always just assumed that a wash soap or clay could not remove all of the grime, and by using a machine, it was the thing that removed that last 1% or so.

Since I have used HW as my soap (and lube for my synthetic clays) my pads have zero "blackness" on them that I experienced with the other soaps.

An eye-opening difference to me on just how good this soap is.

thanks, i gottta go check that out. got me pumped up haha