I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination, believe me and I have the IK Foam 9 and the quality is there, period! This thing holds 1.3 gallons and is all I use for pre-washing of my car, period and I have 2 IK 1.5's, one I use for Griot's Garage Poly Gloss while the other is for the new Auto Fanatic wheel cleaner, just don't wanna cross contaminate so I got 2 of them (the 2nd one for use with the wheel cleaner should be at home as I type this). The IK 1.5 is like $30-35, is that really too much money. The IK Foam 9 is anywhere from $80-$100, shop around but The Rag Company has them and there's nothing equal to either one of these sold here, so I'm just trying to help out.

PM me for any further details or questions, one of the best detailing tools I own!!