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Ive tried it twice, first time i did the 5 or so minutes that the package said. Next time was your reccomended time of 15-20 min...i found both to be stubborn to remove.

Helll the second time i was so pisssed that i wiped the glass with wax/grease remover after using the damp towel cuz it was still patchy looking.

Was frustrating, but ive been refunded for the leaky bottle so it eases the frustration lol.

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You definitely have a bad bottle then. I'm guessing that being exposed to air for an extended period compromised the chemical makeup. Going by the way the product flashes away, I'm guessing that it has an element of IPA to it, which would have evaporated when the bottle was exposed to air, in the process leaving behind the other ingredients and compromising the application process.

Don't hold me to that, just trying to think of why the product caused you these issues. Provided you used a damp towel, then residue removal should be extremely easy with Quick View.