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    Junior Member redzone1's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
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    What to do around trunk emblems

    I'm sure this isn't Gyeon specific, but that's the product I have, so here goes. I am getting ready to apply the Gyeon Syncro System to my Lexus LS460L and therein lies the problem....

    The trunk has the word LEXUS in big letters on the left side....(L) emblem center mass, and LS460L on the right. Is there any way to get the coating to lay out properly between all those nooks & crannies? Or am I right in assuming new sets of letters are in my future as the old ones have to be removed?

    Thanks for any insight on what you guys have done faced with this.

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    Senior Member Paul A.'s Avatar
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    Re: What to do around trunk emblems

    I tape up emblems while working (correcting) the paint. When done I remove the tape and clean the emblems with Carpro eraser and a brush. I apply my LSP's uniformly on all panels including the emblems/badges. I then work LSP into the spaces between letters or inside badge gaps. I. use the corner of the coating applicator to wipe in somewhat even strokes of the coating with residual coating product from the rectangular "sponge" app. Works fine for me with no visible streaks or high spots. If it did, a simple MF wipe should level them down

    I have badges and lettering 11 years old that have never needed replacement.

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    Senior Member fly07sti's Avatar
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    Re: What to do around trunk emblems

    It’s really up to you. Whenever I’m coating a vehicle that has lettered emblems, I just apply with foam stick applicators (CarPro). You can remove the emblems to polish but doubt they would stick if you tried to apply them after the coating.

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    Senior Member The Guz's Avatar
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    Re: What to do around trunk emblems

    No need to remove the emblems. Wrap the suede applicator around your finger and get into those areas as best as you can. You can use those foam stick applicators as mentioned which works very well.

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    Re: What to do around trunk emblems

    Foam Sticks. Do not remove unless customer is paying and is aware that replacement is a possibility.

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