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Paul - yes, could be as you described with the lower prices on TV's.

All - My question really wasn't aimed at the notion of product quality, although some replies seem to have assumed that. More specifically, I have made a personal decision I will no longer purchase anything made in China where other options exist. No one has to agree with me, and no one has to do as "I do".

It is my belief that we can/should make things here in America (including the downstream supply chain) and employ our own people; especially when the company is American-owned. Again no one has to agree; I speak for myself. Change takes time, and starts with one person and one action.

P.S. I am also in the pro audio industry and the sentiment there is even stronger. Pro audio engineers have put manufacturers on-notice, sending a loud and clear message to manufacturers. It is being referred to as the "Quit China" movement.

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Original boss machiene came out thr Maxshine factory one of the two major ones( other being AutoAnsi? AnsiAuto?)
No idea where they come from now.
My current 25mm longthrow and my in route 3in forced are made in China.. no big deal to me when quality is there..

Feynlabs new longthrow is suppose to he made in USA(looks china to me) but been tempted to trying that one out other than that, makita PO5000C for me(USA)

Id buy Rupes, but i think their mark III are power quality than their old mark II and legacy/ES machines

But I'm sure the no rotation thing may of just been a new release woe and fixed.