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    Boss G21 Backing Plate Preference

    I'm curious as to what size (and brand for the sake of it) you guys prefer on your Griots Boss G21? I know a lot of people seem to use the 6" with the larger machine and a 5" on a smaller machine, and of course 3" for tighter spaces as well. I personally prefer a 5" backing plate on this machine as that's what I'm use to and can fit better in some places than the 6" backing plate.

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    Re: Boss G21 Backing Plate Preference

    I have both backing plates for my G21 and prefer using it with the 6" BP. To me it just feels better, like it was made to handle the larger full sized pads.

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    Re: Boss G21 Backing Plate Preference

    With any 21mm Machine I prefer the 6 inch backplate.

    That being said switching to a 5 inch backplate on a 21mm machine is going to increase OPMS and make the machine more aggressive.

    Pairing a 5 inch backplate on a 21mm machine will also introduce ALOT of heat to your pads, This is no big deal as long as you keep swapping out pads in a timely manner. Understand that going 1 inch smaller is increasing OPMS and traveling a huge distance 21mm this is a recipe for pad failure if you dont keep swapping them out.

    If you dont have alot of pads to toggle through then the 6 inch option is the way to go, all 21mm machines are mainly designed to be used with 6.5 inch pads.

    Alot of people prefer 5 inch pads, And this is the reason I feel they mainly choose the 15mm orbit over the 21mm orbit. (5 Inch Backplate)

    I am a huge fan of the 21mm machines.

    I also like 6 inch pads on a Flex 3401 So my opinion may be biased :D

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