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Interesting...obviously, there are other factors involved in my conclusion. I have used a rotary (Hitachi) on only a 2x2 section of a car and wasn't comfortable with it; skippin around everywhere. IMO, just seeing the way a polish is worked by a rotary vs the 3401 makes you think that it's doing more in less time. A handful of us got together earlier in the year at a meet and polished a car. I was using my 3401, littlemissGTO was using a Makita, and there was also another rotary and 3401 being used. It would have been nice to do a comparison on time spent vs end result, but none of us thought about doing it at the time.
You are correct that there is many many factors. Another big factor that many are forgetting is shape of surfaces on car, etc.

That is why there is no silver bullet (tool) that will cover 100%, be all that and a bag of chips. There is no such thing in metal working, there is no such thing in wood working, there is no such thing in paint polishing.

However, there is such a thing as 90+ % fit and I feel Flex is closer to it than rotary because it lets you handle practically 100% of what rotary can while making final result practically same, if not better, without risking of going back for another step because rotary instilled holograms.

Further more, 90+ % of customers of 90+ % of detailers are not interested in absolute perfection nor willing to pay for it and often can not afford it. 3401 lets you do such what I call "cleanings" overall faster which means you are not turning away customers nor ending up with effectively lower $ per hour.

Still, even though I reach for my Flex 90% of time I am not selling my Hitachi nor my G110. They stay in the bag for "just in case".