So I've been building a new smoker lately and finally got to the paint stage. Well I was out of acetone to wipe the surface down for cleaning and my IPA is reserved for the first aid kits soooo. That left me with the spray I had picked up recently. I grabbed a couple of old hand towels and away we went. This stuff removed the bit of oil I used to help drill out the barrel and also the burned off paint residue (800 degree burn out to remove oils and liner left from sand blasting). Definitely could feel the clean bare metal afterwards. Paint adhered fine and has lasted through a few smoke sessions.

So I used it again on a second rusty smoker. I scrubbed all the rust off with a wire wheel and brush and wiped clean with this after using the compressor to blow off everything. Worked great again. So I'd say if you have any painting plans in store and want to make sure you have a clean oil free surface to start with give this a shot!