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Thread: Why Autogeek?

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    Why Autogeek?

    You are helping me figure it out. Even though I'm new, folks here are making great suggestions and offering solid advice. I don't just need stuff to do the job. I also needed information and guidance, all of which you have provided for free and unconditionally.

    I'm going to bring out the best in my bike and while it takes product that I can source from other retailers, there's no way I would would take on a project like mine without the support that I feel I'm getting here at autogeek.

    I just got some tracking from your team, I have some things coming on Thursday and I'm excited to get started. Thank you for helping me weed through a sea of choices and options to find a good place to start. To customers like me, the level of service and help you provide adds a high degree of value to the products you provide.

    Thanks for making me feel welcome as a customer.

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    Re: Why Autogeek?

    That's right, this forum has great members that are always willing to help. Mike who is the master of detailing and spends so much time teaching here. And of course their store which has a lot of stuff and excellent customer care. They also run deals pretty much all the time so it always ends up being a good deal to buy from AG.
    Bruno Soares

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    Re: Why Autogeek?

    When I loaded up my first cart of products, I was happy with the pricing. They are very competitive. I then saw that I was able to take advantage of a promo offering a sizable discount. Looks like the deals change up as well.

    This could get addictive.

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    Re: Why Autogeek?

    All of this can be extremely confusing at first. I think all of us felt overwhelmed when we first started. (I know that I certainly did).

    But, there is no better feeling than just diving in and getting to work. You can also take comfort in the fact that Autogeek does not sell "crap". If it is in their store, it is a solid product. Otherwise they wouldn't carry it.

    Once you dive in, you will find yourself trying other products, and you will form your opinions about what works best for you. Then, you will be helping others on here.
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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    Re: Why Autogeek?

    Yeah man the folks here are Aces.... always willing to lend a helping hand.... been here for a while and still learning....

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