Happy Festive Season Friends.

Well, as I write this post at 8.50pm on a blustery Saturday night here in New Zealand, by this time in two weeks we will have taken off from Auckland Airport & be in the early stages of making our way across the Pacific on our 8000+ mile journey to Orlando Florida.

Super excited to be taking some time off & spending it with the family, & hopefully catching up with a couple of AGO Forum members too while we are in the USA.

Gonna chuck in some pictures as usual, just to brighten things up a little ...

Jonty got his drivers licence a few days ago & here he is driving the Bug ... it’s the only vehicle we have that is “stick” & because it is so “raw” I felt it was important to learn in something that has a “mechanical” feel to it. Man, they grow up fast huh ...

So, whilst our time there is predominantly a vacation & I cannot wait to take Benjamin to Disney World, i am really looking forward to getting to Stuart & hanging out with the good folks at Autogeek. Very cool that the Autogeek Open House Day is on when we’re there, & super excited about meeting a bunch of people, chilling out, talking detailing & doing some detailing.

A bunch of new tools I’m eager to get to take for a spin too. Although my heart is in my throat reading that the Flex PXE & Cordless CBeast have sold out ... fingers crossed more stock will have arrived by the time we get there & some will end up in my suitcase.

Sweet little Fraser (NZ built Lotus replica kit car) in for a complete flatten off, Polish & CQuartz Finest Reserve installation.

Our timing almost aligns with our first adventure to America & that was for a Mike Phillips Boot Camp Class back in January 2015, hard to believe that was five years ago & although we only saw a very minimal part of your magnificent country, we fell in love with it & long to return & explore more & more.

A crotch rocket - Kawasaki ZX-14 In for a thorough detailing.

The shop has been extremely busy & this year we have sacrificed most weekends in order to fund our vacation. This has taken a toll on my ever ageing body & with the goal insight, I’m screaming out for that 14 & a half hour plane ride to Houston.
I feel extremely blessed to have the support from my gorgeous Wife Ange to be able to run such a successful shop & I’m thankful to everyone that has had my back & that includes all y’all here on the forum too - Thank you.

Ange knows the right tools to rep - A Flex North America cap that was brought back from SEMA by a fellow Kiwi detailer just for me.

I apologise for my somewhat lack of involvement here over the last few Months but as stated above - I’m getting old .... almost working seven days a week & by the time I get home, be Dad, dinner, Husband & housework, the pillow seduces me & there goes my AGO time. Next years calendar is filling fast already but being there for the family will take priority much more & thus should result in a bit more Forum time.

Some boat polishing action going down ... interesting story with this one.

I will wrap this up here now but for anyone here on the Forum who is around the same areas as I’ll be & wanna catch up & say g’day, shout out ... USA here we come.

Our stand at a local charity “car event” with good friends Andy, Ben & my lovely Wife Ange.

Hmmm, that guy!

Thank you all for stopping by.

Aaryn NZ.

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