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Thread: Shopping cart issues

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    Feb 2016
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    Shopping cart issues

    I have a little issue. LOVE coming here to shop for the bestest and the greatest products. I have ordered several 100's of dollars on products as I am kind of anal about my truck. However....I haven't used the store in a while, because I stocked up so heavily last time I shopped.
    When I add a product to the shows in a little drop down window that I have something in my cart. When I order ANOTHER product to put in the adds it...but takes away what I put in previously. I spent an hour adding stuff to my cart..and when I went to checkout...there was only 1 thing in the cart! I tried again....and again...and to no would NOT allow me to add more than 1 thing without deleting the other item in the cart. I was trying to add a high speed buffer...along with easily $200 worth of extras...and when I got to the showed only leather cleaner. AARRGGHHH!!!!

    Therefore...I went to Sears and bought one. I emailed AG customer service and they said it was because I needed to clean cache on the computer. Well...did I do every month. STILL it did not work. I emailed them back to let them know, that it didn't work...but have not received a response in days. I guess...they don't know.

    If anyone has an idea of what the heck is going on...I'd really appreciate it. I do impulse when I think of it...I get on and buy it. That usually happens at night! Yes...I can make a list and order it via phone...but I want to be able to leisurely add and subtract stuff as I go. Has anyone else had this problem..and if do you correct this? I have used this computer several times to order..and have not had any problems....but NOW I have a problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Shopping cart issues

    I've had that happen before. Were you logged into your account when you were adding products? If not, log in before adding items. Also, after adding an item, do NOT hit the back button to go back to browsing products. For example, if you are looking at the microfiber page, then click on "gold plush" to view description, then add it to your cart, do not click "back" to go back to browsing the microfiber page. Navigate back using the product links on the left side. Kind of annoying because it can take multiple clicks to get back to where you want to go instead of one, but it gets the job done.

    Those two things (logging on first and not hitting the back button) have solved this issue for me.

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    Feb 2016
    Tampa Bay

    Re: Shopping cart issues

    I just figured it out. After pulling my hair out for 3 hours..... It was in the privacy section of my iMAC. I had the setting checked to NOT track me (cookies) unless I was on that sites one page. Apparently...I needed to check the box that states...allow cookies from ALL the sites that I visit. When you order from AG...and you place one item in the cart...a window shows up..which technically is another site. By changing check marks from one box to the now works. I had been messing with my privacy settings a month or so ago....and had made that new change. Apparently....AG online didn't like that setting!
    Now I need to go back and figure out which products I want again! They always say..that the 15th time is a charm! HAHA!
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    Re: Shopping cart issues

    I've been having a problem with the shopping cart for several weeks, doing exactly what you described and only allowing one item at a time. Changing the box to allow tracking for all sites that I visit did not solve the problem for me and I've been told it's because I'm on a Mac using Safari. They are supposed to be working on a fix, but so far I still can't place more than one item in the cart.

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