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Yes, good point Tony.

I have seen pictures of it etc. It would be fine here because New Zealand is 240v but our New Zealand Flex distributor is a little lack lustre to say the least. Is it forced rotation do tou know Tony? Be ideal for the RVs.

Aaryn NZ.
It's a little unusual description of the polisher LOL. I was wrong about the throw. It's 16mm/rev so think it's a 8mm offset. 1200w electric motor. The backing plates is 4" or 100mm but you can use pads up to 160mm 6.5" pads. No it's free spinning DA. Since it's belt driven from the motor to the backing plates it's only 76db loud. It's a quite high from the thin backing plates up to the belt covers. So you can still easy get under the roof rails on station wagons and get around and get the most of the rearview mirrors.

I would like to test it out sometime cause the ergonomics of it is interesting. And many like the 2 hand grip. It weights in at 6.5 pounds so a little heavier but it's like 2 GG6 polishers a side of each other. The 1200w electric motor says to get it to power through the most heavy duty without stalling. And the problems says to be on the vertical surfaces. But the grip does it to get the pressure and controling it easy.

Would be a dream to work with on RV and boats and on bigger trucks I think.