Mike - as soon as I saw this RUPES polisher I knew I wanted to send it to you. So when I got the RUPES I did a search online to try & identify it, & the ONLY information & pictures I could find was in fact documented by yourself. This confirmed it - it had to go to you. Even cooler when looking through your pictures & I saw the same tools that had come with your machine.

I too have studied the pictures you took whilst your time at the RUPES factory, & I wondered if the one in your article (the 1955 Wander Sander/Polisher) was in fact the same tool but had been built as a concept machine & never got painted or something of the like.

I admit, I did contemplate cleaning your vintage RUPES but as much as I like shiny things, some things deserve to wear their patina proudly so decided to leave the remnants of work alone.

I hope someone comes back to you with some more info regarding the age etc for your vintage Rupes Mike, & please - do let us know.

Very cool Mike.

Aaryn NZ.