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    Another nice slalom boat

    Since there seemed to be guys enjoying the bringing of slalom boats back to life I thought I would post these few. This was not as old as the others but still was in rough shape. Think it was a 2003. Didnt take before pics. Getting pics are always something that escapes me. I am usually in a rush. I have bunches of before with no after and visa versa. In the former I have had customers give me permision to come by water and take the boat of lift to get shots. (We all leave keys in boat around here) Anyway, this is I believe a custon layup ordered boat that unbelievably must never have been waxed. It was bought by a guy up bere on an auction from florida and he was shocked when he took deliver. I did get to use it for a weekend. Sorry about missing the florida oxidation damage but for the ski boat enthusiasts we obviously have here, I thought I would share.

    Hope pics show. This is a beauitiful layup. All lines between gel colors were super sharp and clean. Once the oxidation was off it was just pretty. I would not want to repair or respray this. What you can do working in a mold is so much harder doing it from the outside.

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    Re: Another nice slalom boat

    Looks great! What products did you use?

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    Re: Another nice slalom boat

    Not allowed to discuss that in this forums. Although almost everything I use for autos is available here, and most I buy from here or autopia., for marine even the abrasives I use are not available here. Despite I use a brand not sold here the lowest da abasive discs I have seen available are 1500. I am never lucky enough to get a boat that I would start with 1500. It is rare, other whites that I would start with 1000. Stuff I get in is trashed and if not some coumpounds are like sandpaper anyway. Now on some old boats where they didnt use csm (chopped strand mat) first against the mold and it shows roven printing I will use course stuff I can not recommend. Same with that 88 nautique. 320 to 440. Do not recommend that at all though. These are extreme cases. And if I hit a low spot in gel (low on inside against glass layup) and go through, I can fix it. Has only happened twice. But as I repair and spray gel anyway it requires me to have aggressive paper on hand. Gel is hard to lay down smooth when spraying from the outside.

    That said. This boat was 800 grit with a bit of 600 in a few spots. Wool pad, good rotary and a high quality agressive compound. There are plenty reports of 31 being a good compound and if your doing one boat I wouldnt hesitate to give it ago. Pretty much the best on these boards from what I read.

    Good luck. And as Mike would say, test spot first. Do not just go sanding all over if you are unsure you can get scratches out.

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    Re: Another nice slalom boat

    Sorry. I just saw your other thread and realized that you do this and have used 31. I thought it was a question from someone with little experience. My bad. Sorry for the long winded response. Short answer is I cant discuss compounds I use per rules. But it looks like you have one in marine 31 that you are very happy with. Good job with boats

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    Re: Another nice slalom boat

    Very Nice!

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