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Thread: 1988 correct craft before and after

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    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Yes I did end ip getting that far after much effort. But then trying to drag and drop became a huge pain to put into post and I didnt have the option to space them with wording between. And they still went on as thumbnails anyway. I read your post on posting pics but it applied to a computer. I gave up. Thank you for posting them. My pc is down and as such my hands are tied and also why the pics are so crappy as I had to pull them from my fb page. Thanks. Now to find a decent resizing app for phone

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    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    The new clean rub rail really stood out to me on this job. I took the rope off, soaked in bleach mixture, and then inverted it so the outside full of abrasions was inside toward the boat. The little details that really make a difference.

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    Senior Member mc2hill's Avatar
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    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Nice work! I have spent many hours being drug through slalom courses behind a boat just like that!

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    Senior Member JKDesign's Avatar
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    Portland, ME

    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Awesome! I grew up water skiing behind my grandfather's 1981 Ski Tique!

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    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    My buddy has a 2002 196 slalom with python edition. (Big block 430 hp). All I can say is wow. Funnest inboard boat I have ever driven. Flying dock footing starts. Back deeps. Incredible. Barefoot and slalom course guy here. Broke a ski (and ankle) running late into #5 once. I have done quite a few ski boats. Will post some more. It is how I got started in this business. Glad others love slalom boats. These days it's mostly wake board boats
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    Senior Member damaged442's Avatar
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    Apr 2013

    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Great job on that old 2001! Although, I am more of a MasterCraft guy, I always liked the lines of that boat. The 2001 has a pretty good lip at wakeboard speeds too.

    You make the memories come back of failing miserably attempting to barefoot behind one just like that! I knew it was going to hurt when my feet hit the back of my head!! LOL.

    I agree, it is tough to find these older tugs, and I definitely commend you on keeping another one alive! My MC is an 89, and my father just picked up an 81 this May. I still try to ski as often as I can. I prefer the 81, as it has the PowerSlot, and lots of vintage stars and brown metalflake coolness!!

    Don't forget that teak swim platform!

    Again, awesome work!

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    Senior Member Sizzle Chest's Avatar
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    Naples, FL

    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Great job! Looks great!!!
    Scott Harle

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    Re: 1988 correct craft before and after

    Wow that looks great. The wood (Teak?) looks like it stands out and needs attention now. The gel is just slippery wet now. Amazing.

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