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    LC Flat Pad vs Hydro Tech on gel coat

    Trying to decide best pad to use to apply Meg Flagship Cleaner wax and Flagship wax to fiberglass boat with PC DA. Considering 3 lines of LC all 5.5" x 7/8"- the Flat Foam Black, Hydro Tech Crimson, or the newer SDO black. These would be for applying wax, still considering colors for cleaner wax. Maybe same type pads for cleaner wax and wax?

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    Re: LC Flat Pad vs Hydro Tech on gel coat

    Never cared for the way foam left gel coat hazy. Wool has worked well for lots of marine guys for the 30+ years I have been doing it, micro fibers also have a place. Why not try the Meg micro fiber cutting for the cleaner and then the thick black euro micro finishing pad for the top coat on the da. That cleaner wax doesn’t have much abrasive properties to it.

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    Re: LC Flat Pad vs Hydro Tech on gel coat

    Is there much oxidation on the boat? Between seasons I have always used wool with Marine31 compound n polish followed by blue rupus coarse blue pad with polish, followed by finishing polish with foam( or ceramic coat instead of final polish, in which I did a IPA wipe down before coating). But all depends on the state of the gel coat
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