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    Coating questiono again !!

    I am a first time poster but a veryyyy long time follower of the forum and MPs knowledge base. Over the years I have learned alot from MP and others here, I want to thank everyone. I read and read and read but finally just had to post this. For the record I am a long time detailer, enthusiast but a professional one. I only do select vehicles and boats as I have other businesses and dont have the time otherwise. I also have my hands full with my own boats and cars. So I am very well educated on surfaces, correction, perfection, finish, prep, coat/wax whatever.

    I get it and agree, prep is everything, lipstick on a pig is still a pig. Totally on board with that.

    So to add to the question coming, I mean this STRICTLY from the marine perspective. GelCoat and ClearCoat and Marine or land, two mutually yet very exclusive worlds.

    So to the Gelcoat. I am exhausted reading about this product versus that product. I do get it and say that Ceramic for Gelcoat must be different. So saying that they are different what makes one better than the other ?? Is it like 100% Carnuba versus Carnuba infused wax ? Where is the real difference ??? Nano this, and quartz that, and all sorts of letters and numbers as well !!

    So I am a big Marine 31 fan and want to try the M31 Captain Coating, tell me why is this a good choice over the others ?

    Also, I have 34ft SeaVee (2019), I am prepping it now and almost ready for coating. How much M31 Capt. Coating will I need to do the hull above and below waterline, and also the entire interior ?

    Another question, is this product good on Vinyl surfaces or Metals, please tell me how many surfaces is it good on ??

    Also, can this product be used on Non-Skid ?? Yes I know M31 has a nonskid product, not my favorite to say it nicely on the M31 line.

    How many coats are recomended ? Please consider that in the quantity question above.

    Some products state that the boat needs to be free of touch or water or droppings etc etc for 3,4,5,..7 days. I find that laughable specially for a boat, whats the Marine 31 requirement ?

    Is it worth applying the coating below the water line ? Does it hold there or no just like other sealants ? Very curious on this....

    Lastly, with all things of cost, time, special prep, at the end of the day is it really worth using a coating over say Collonite, or Meguiars marine for example ? Is it that superior or marginally ?

    So I will start there, sorry for so many questions. I realize that his is dicussed here and there are training classes posted. I still dont hear in detail what I want to know. Would greatly appreciate the forums feedback and knowledge here.

    Apologies for the Question misspelling on the title, if the board op can correct it. THANKS !!

    Last edited by eddiemuniz71; 04-22-2020 at 09:13 PM. Reason: Mis spelled word on Topic

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    Re: Coating questiono again !!

    Nobody ?

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    Re: Coating questiono again !!

    Sorry, I don’t know gel coat.

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    Re: Coating questiono again !!

    Quote Originally Posted by eddiemuniz71 View Post


    Apologies for not finding this sooner. Looks like your original post was later in the night and at some point I have to,

    Push away from the keyboard

    Otherwise, I'll end up divorced.

    Then if the forum is BUSY and it has been, your post doesn't show up on the list of RECENT THREADS on the forum homepage. When I log back in the next day I scan the forum homepage. If I don't see it there, sorry to say I'm so busy I move onto more and other work.

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