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    Meguires Hybrid Ceramic on Gelcoat... is this an option?

    I have a new client who's picking up a brand new 42' Boston Whaler soon. So that we get off on the right foot, I've been considering different products for protection. His last Whaler which was 3 years old was moderately oxidised on the blue hull sides and was heavy with mineral deposit water staining. The glass was also heavy with mineral deposits, so it show's what'll happen in three years if the boat isn't properly protected.

    I've looked at various waxes and Carnauba looks a fair option but having had a boat myself, I know in reality, the wax is only really effective for a number of weeks. I've also looked at Ceramic and had the materials alone priced up and it comes in at around $1000 (with discount) and should be good for between 12 - 18 months. I'm in South Florida and the boat will be used regularly so I expect nearer to 12 month mark. With the labour costs, I don't see my client going for this option. It's a good option, but of course expensive.

    Then I've recently seen other products like Meguires Hybrid Ceramic or a similar Turtle Wax product which would be less than a tenth of the price of the true Ceramics. Of course I'm not expecting that they'll have the same longevity of the true Ceramics, but I'm wondering if one of them could be a viable option.

    Even if we got 6 months protection out of it, it would be better than a wax. So my question is, are these product safes to use on Gelcoat and how effective might they be? Has anyone tried this?

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    Re: Meguires Hybrid Ceramic on Gelcoat... is this an option?

    Klasse AIO works really well on fiberglass and will last a decent amount of time.

    I haven’t tried any of the new si02 sealants on gelcoat so can’t chime in on those. They also make a bunch of marine rated ceramics. That would be my 1st choice.

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    Re: Meguires Hybrid Ceramic on Gelcoat... is this an option?

    Marine 31 UV50 coating. Bit time consuming to apply/remove but looks good with supposed long term durability. Just used it on my 30 year old gel coat. Looks almost new.

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