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    Marine 31 Captain Coating

    i made a mistake yesterday and ran out of time before dusk...i didn't realize that after you apply marine 31 captains coating you need to wipe off ..?....figured it out on one side but it was tough to get off and i ran out of day like to get the other side off?....went out this morning and the side i got it off looks amazing !...amazing glass finish i can see myself and the car parked next to it ...but the other side is streeky rock had and after rubbing for over an hour i gave up.....

    I have a griots DA polisher please help what can i use to fix the other side?..would a cleaner wax like colinete work?...what pads?..i have a wool pad will that work? i need to compound off? there a fix?...ugh

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    Re: Marine 31 Captain Coating

    I have never used Marine 31, but I had some high spots that I missed on the hood of my Audi using CQuatz UK 3.0 (a different ceramic coating product for paint).

    I compounded the hood with a fine polish and pad and then an ultra fine polish and pad then Eraser (an IPA based cleaner to remove oils), then replied the coating and did a better job on the high spots and it came out fantastic.

    If I were you I would compound with a medium to fine compounding polish and foam pad to remove the coating (or a fine wool pad as gelcoat does not require as fine a pad as paint) and then use Eraser or another IPA-based solution to remove the oils from the compounding polish and then reapply the Marine 31 coating. I would absolutely not use a cleaner wax because you want the ceramic coating to bond directly with the gelcoat; a wax covering won't let it do that.

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