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Thread: Midnight Sun Wax

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    Senior Member WAXOFF's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Just south of the Burgh

    Midnight Sun Wax

    I placed an order on the weekend and needed a new bucket anyway so I got the Blackfire New car bucket kit as it was on sale anyway. I've never used any Blackfire products and see the the kit comes with a Midnight Sun Wax. I have numerous different LSP's such as all the Collinites, Griot's Best of Show Paste, Autoglym and some others. I was wondering how this compares and is it better on certain colors.
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    Senior Member pdqgp's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
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    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    I have used several Blackfire Products and love them. I've not used Midnight Sun but I bet CSporty has and I'm sure he'll chime in.

    Mainly used them on black cars but that's just a cooincidence for me. Their Crystal Seal is an amazing WOWA product. I also have a Gal. of their Black Diamond Seal detailer and use it religiously on all vehicles I touch. Works great and ZERO streaks; super slick and IMO does a great job enhancing gloss.
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    Senior Member Kamakaz1961's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Tustin, CA

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    Blackfire Products are awesome and you will not be disappointed.
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    Senior Member Jaretr1's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    It is a very nice wax, super easy to apply and remove and a great shine.
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    Senior Member Rsurfer's Avatar
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    Jan 2007

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaretr1 View Post
    It is a very nice wax, super easy to apply and remove and a great shine.
    ^^this^^, but why bother with waxes when sealants and coatings look just as good and last a lot longer?
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    Senior Member choijw2's Avatar
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    Jul 2015

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    It's great wax.
    easy on, easy off without have to wait for it to haze.

    It gives you really wet looking shine with nice glow, BUT from my experience, they don't last very long
    so I always apply it on top of wet diamond sealant.

    So I am guessing they are more likely made for show wax, which you would like to apply little before car show etc.

    My first impression was it felt really..... "rich",.... high concentrate....
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    Senior Member rlmccarty2000's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Fitzgerald, GA

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    It's a beauty wax. Leaves a nice warm glow. Probably only second to Pinnacle Souvern Wax. Easy on and easy off. Very nice. I use it on top of a sealant.
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    Senior Member Finemess's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    Super product, very nice to work with and looks great.
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    Senior Member FUNX650's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Ohio, USA

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    BLACKFIRE's Wet Diamond All Finish
    Paint Protection is a: must...before
    applying a coat of BLACKFIRE's Midnight
    Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax...if you
    want the: "Wet Ice over Fire Shine".

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    Senior Member custmsprty's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    Re: Midnight Sun Wax

    It is an exceptional carnauba and when paired with the BF Sealant the combo is superb. You get great durability and incredible depth and wetness.

    The combo is one of the best values for a pair of synergisitic products available. I've given it as a gift to a couple good friends.

    BLACKFIRE Wet-Ice Over Fire Combo

    This is it on my coupe too

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