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    Blackfire leather conditioner

    Anyone using BF interior products? I really like their paint products, just a little nervous about polymers and leather lol.

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    Re: Blackfire leather conditioner

    The Blackfire interior products are nice. I have a review on them. I use them from time to time.

    The leather conditioner has somewhat of a chemical scent to it. I can't put my finger on it. I almost want to say that it was meant to mimic the leather scent. It dissipates within a day or two. The leather conditioners lasts a few weeks before it needs another application. The interior protectant lasts about a month or so.
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    Re: Blackfire leather conditioner

    Most modern "leather" has a coating on the top surface so "polymer" protection should be fine. It is said that modern coated leather needs to be cleaned and protected, not conditioned.

    Edit: Not saying the BF is one of those conditioners, it seems more like a protectant. Definitions and product names may vary due to marking.
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