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    Rupes microfiber pads

    So when I made the jump into machine detailing over hand, after alot of reading and research, I went for the 'system' approach to keep it simple. I purchased Rupes. Machines, compounds and polishes (coarse, fine, Uno pure) and both wool and foam pads (blue, yellow, and white).
    Now I know it's nice to have more tools in the toolbox, and with Black Friday sales on now, how much more different are the Rupes microfiber pads? By that I mean, is there much of times I would reach for them over the wool or foam? Keeping in mimd I am a hobby guy.... but do strive for perfection (what I can accomplish). If some paint is really rough would the blue wool and coarse compound not be enough, or the blue microfiber is just that much more??
    I kmow the sales are on now, but that doesn't mean it's a rule to spend money,

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    Re: Rupes microfiber pads

    For me the wool performs better than microfiber.

    They stay cooler.
    They are easier to clean and keep clean.
    They don't load up with spent product or residue as easily as microfiber.

    I've tried the Rupes DA Coarse several times and it always cut well. It's much too dusty for my personal taste, but it will level some paint.

    That being said, the microfiber should have more cutting potential as it possesses greater surface area due to the mi ro fibers, but the fat strands of wool on those wool pads delivers a pretty heavy cut to the finishes it his. I feel it's a little "six of one, half dozen of the other" situation.

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    Re: Rupes microfiber pads

    Well I think I can probably get away with what I have then. Save some $$ and not grab the microfiber, just because they are there.

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