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    Pressure Washer and Attachments...

    Recently my gas powered Sear brand pressure washer gave up the spirit... I replaced it with a fairly inexpensive electric model, I took advantages of shopyourway bonus points and it cost me like $40... It works, Foam cannon foams, it washes wheels well etc...
    Any real advantage to upgrading to a more expensive model? Mosmatic and or MTM accessories? looks like you could load up a Karcher for around $600 or grab a Kranzle for something like $1,600... Other than perhaps durability, and at 10x the price not sure that is even a benefit are their advantages to upgrading?

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    Re: Pressure Washer and Attachments...

    Read the posting on today's about asking about PWs.

    First thing is to change out your hose over the cheap unit once you are tired of that fight. I bought one from Amazon for $50 that is great and is 50ft long.
    Robot Check

    Next for a hand gun look into Luxury Microfibers' guns for the price, has a built-in swivel ( a must item). They used to sell one without the tips but not showing anymore but still less than other Italian models.
    MV925 Professional Swiveling Spray Gun Kit

    – Luxury Microfiber

    And yes, I go to Amazon sellers for the quick release attachments to make all this work. Brass is fine for year or so, but SS fittings will last more but cost double.

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    Re: Pressure Washer and Attachments...

    Awesome! thanks!

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