Hello guys, first post here;

Quick intro about myself, I'm in Quebec (eastern Canada) and I used to be an automotive painter. 20 years ago I would sand, paint and finish cars so I have a good understanding and a bit of experience detailing cars. I want to get back into car detailing as I find it both calming and rewarding. Plus if I can make a bit more income, well so much the better.

The problem I am now facing is, a lot of things changed in 20 years! Back when, the only tool we had available was a variable speed polisher (gear driven that was basically a grinder with variable speed) and 2 kind of pads, wool for cutting and foam for finishing. The only thing you could use was different compounds to do the cuts. No microfiber whatsoever and a chamois to dry the car.

To get myself back into it I just ordered the starter kit from The Rag Company (the Gold Kit) as well as a Maxshine Foam canon, wheel brush, carpet brush and detailing brush kit. I also got the detailing products from Turtle Wax (I want to practice on my cars and start with inexpensive products.) Now I want to get myself a polisher and a pressure washer. Adam's SK pro, I find attractive at that price point (I don't want to spend more than 300$ CND) and I found the BE Pressure Washer #BE276RA 2700 PSI with 2.3GPM for another 300$.

Thoughts on all of this? I know neither the pressure washer or the polisher is the best but that's what I'm willing to pay for the moment but if you guys think I'd better with something else at the same price point please chime in. And for the old schoolers, some input about back in the day and now would be appreciated.

Thanks for you time guys