New to detailing working on completing my setup for a pressure washer. I know I want to use a SunJoe SPX9004 or 9007 pro electric pressure washer, not sure what on generator I want to power it with; I do know I want it to be quiet so is has to be an inverter generator. Based on the product specs from SunJoe's official site these pressure washers use about 1800 watts b/c of this two I've narrow down my selection to two chooses, the Ryobi 1800RunningWatts/2300StartingWatts inverter generator and the Harbor Freight Predator 3500 watt inverter generator. Although I'm ok with running only one thing at a time, I'm still hesitate about buying the Ryobi 2300StartingWatts generator b/c pressure washer uses 1800watts which is the Ryobi's running watts. Will it work? If someone has similar setup can you please offer advice? Also, i'm open to other generator suggestion these are just what I have found based on my budget and research. No, I do not want the famous $2000 Honda 3000Watt inverter generator, just starting out can upgrade later on if needed after the money starts flowing in.