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Thread: Dent repair?

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    Dent repair?

    Hello i know this ? Is out of the regular ?s, but I've got a small dent that sticks out like a sore thumb. I've been looking at those dent rods that you stick down the door and smooth out the dent. I seen a wire rod type and a whaletail type, I'm thinking about the wire type since its like half price. So does anyone have or know about any experience with these?

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    Re: Dent repair?

    Paintless dent repair is very amazing. Sure wish something like this was available decades ago.

    I'd say if you value this vehicle, and you want the job done as best as possible, and if it's not that bad with no paint loss can be totally removed with no telltale signs.

    I'd bring it to a reputable person. This is an art to do. They have all the tools needed.

    Yes, for one dent, the initial cost is high, commonly start at about $50 or so, additional work usually is then less per dent.

    When I've had such done a couple times, and the minor dents were totally gone, and undetectable, to me the costs to a professional were worth every penny!

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    Re: Dent repair?

    Definitely let a pro do it. It's an art to know how much to move and stretch the metal to not make it worse. When they are done you can't even tell where it was unless there was a scratch or paint defect to go with it. Normally if it's not down to the primer or metal they will buff out the spot attempting to remove or reduce any scratching on the paint so that's something that people like us here, detailers, need to keep in mind and let the PDR person know before hand. They usually just use a rotary buffer with same pad they've used all day in other cars too so holograms are almost a guarantee.
    Bruno Soares

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    Re: Dent repair?

    What they said ^^^^

    I watched some of the Dent Olympics at the recent Mobile Tech Expo. They get several white rental cars of the same model, and put dents in the same places on all of them. Each PDR person/team works on a specific area and the best/fastest wins. It looks as odd as it sounds, but those folks do some amazing work! They were using midsize Dodge cars and 2 Ram trucks.

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    Re: Dent repair?

    2018 Colorado ZR2

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