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    Re: Foam Cannon and Pressure washer, Which ones do you use?

    Pros and Cons: Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washers

    When buying a pressure washer that is meant to be used for cleaning a car, the options are almost endless. You have to think about price, cleaning performance, ease of use, durability, and warranty, among other things. Nonetheless, one of the first considerations would be whether you should go for an electric pressure washer or one that is gas-powered.

    To provide you with a better understanding of which one is more suitable for your needs, in this section, we will have a look at the pros and cons of each of them.

    Electric Pressure Washers

    As the name shows, this type would require a supply of electricity to be powered. There is a plug that needs to be connected to an electrical current.


    Affordable: Compared to its counterpart, the electric pressure washers are generally cheaper, making it the perfect choice for people who have a tight budget.
    Lightweight: Because there is no gas tank that needs to be filled, another advantage is that it usually has minimal weight. This means that moving it around will be easier, and hence, it can minimize fatigue.
    Operates Quietly: Using a pressure washer can be annoying, basically because it can produce a loud noise. Luckily, if it is electric, more often than not, the noise can be kept to a minimum.
    Easy to Use: If you want a pressure washer that is user-friendly, this will be a good choice. You simply have to push the start button and the engine will be activated.

    Limited Power: If you look at the technical specifications of electric pressure washers, one thing you will easily notice is that they are less powerful. This means that they must be limited to small and medium-duty cleaning applications.
    Lack of Portability: With an electric pressure washer, you need to have a supply of electricity, which makes it not portable. Also, the length of the cord might limit your movements.
    Gas Pressure Washers

    For more demanding cleaning applications, pressure washers that are powered by gas can be the better alternative.


    Powerful Cleaning Performance: Without a doubt, this is its biggest advantage over its electric counterparts. It is perfect for industrial and heavy-duty applications. This is an ideal investment for a car wash shop because of its incredible power.
    Portable: If you need to clean cars in different locations or in places where there is no supply of electricity, this type should be your choice. there is no power cord. It can be heavy, but given the fact that most of them have well-designed wheels, moving it around will be almost effortless on your end.
    Cleans Quickly: Because of the powerful motor, it will allow you to accomplish a cleaning task quicker, even when you have to deal with tough stain and dirt.

    Requires More Maintenance: One of the drawbacks is that it requires more effort when it comes to maintenance. To be specific, you will need to check oil levels and make sure gas is drained prior to storage.
    Expensive: The power of this pressure washer is the reason why it is more expensive. Most novices stay away from its because of its high price.
    Best Electric Pressure Washers for Cars:

    Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

    Karcher K5 Electric Pressure Washer

    AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

    Greenworks GPW1951 Pressure Washer

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    Re: Foam Cannon and Pressure washer, Which ones do you use?

    I have an Excell unit with a Honda motor. Thing has been giving me years if service and always starts up right away.

    Con would be moving it around if you're mobile, but IMO gas is so much better. I'm over using electric power tools, they just don't have the power that gas does.

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