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    Chrome Spray Paint

    Anybody have experience with chrome spray paint? I am thinking about spray painting a black plastic grill to be chrome. I am really not that concerned if it gets messed up because I will just buy a new grill if thats the case. I first want to try if I can find a cheap alternative to buying an aftermarket grill. The grill is just a black plastic. From what I have read I would need to use a plastic primer before the chrome paint, but I also heard the chrome paint doesn't look like real chrome, it looks like silver paint. Anyways, anybody done something like this, and if so which product did you use.


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    I know there's a paint now for wheels that looks 95% like chrome until you get within an inch or two away..but it's not a spray gets applied electrically.

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    I sprayed the handlebars on my wife's bicycle. They were rusty. First coat was grey auto primer. The next coat was "chrome" paint. At first it was fairly shiney but after a few months it did look like shiney grey paint. It looked a lot better though.
    I think it was Rustoleum. Got it at OSH.

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    yeah its nothing close to chrome really...its a shiney silver thats all

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    I guess I should just try it out on some plastic I have around the house and see the results. I hear autozone has some plastic primer stuff and I guess I will just try out rustoleum chrome spray paint or something.

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