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    Question Is there a clear wax that will fill light scratches ?

    Is there a clear wax, sealant, glaze, ?? that will fill light scratches that your fingernail can not feel and are not deeper than the clear coat. I have a black Acura CL with light scratches that my fingernail can not feel. Especially around the door key. I have tried polishing them out by using GG Paint Prep, washing, rinsing, drying with GG drying MF. Megs UC with GG Orange Pad, Megs 205 with Orange Pad, wax with Megs Carnuba Liquid Wax, and on my most recent attempt Megs Ultimate Liquid wax. Light scatches can still be seen.

    I am looking for advice on a better pad product combination.

    Or is there a clear wax, sealent or glass might fill the light scratch and hide it. This solution would have the advantage of not reducing the clear coat.

    I know Turtle Wax sells a clear coat kit that involve wet sanding after words but that seems pretty drastic when a clear wax should be able to do the job???

    Is this what glazes do ? If so what do you recomend ? Can the glaze be covered with a synthetic wax to keep it from washing out ?

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    Re: Is there a clear wax that will fill light scratches ?

    You could try:

    • Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze
    • Poorboys World Black Hole Show Glaze
    • Poorboy’s World White Diamond Show Glaze
    • Meguiar's #7 Show Car Glaze

    Once the glaze is dried a wax similar to Collinite 845 is a great way of protecting it...

    BobbyG - 2004 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette

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    Re: Is there a clear wax that will fill light scratches ?

    The problem is probably due to soft paint...

    If the UC and M205 are removing the defects, (and they should be), the light scratching could be coming back as you wipe the products off.

    One thing I cover in all my classes and live broadcasts if you watch them, is as you work your way through the paint polishing process you need to continually bring up the level of your carefulness as well as bring up the quality level of your microfiber towels.

    One thing that helps me to finish out mar free on softer paints is to finish out using a very light cleaner wax.

    See what I wrote in post #23 here...

    Mike Phillips
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    Click on a book to get your own copy.

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    Re: Is there a clear wax that will fill light scratches ?

    BobbyG, Mike,

    As per your advice, I ordered Poorboys Black Hole Glaze. Washed the car (black 2001 CL with light key scratches next to the door handles). Used GG Paint Prep to remove wax (Megs 205 would work as well but I did not want to remove any more clear coat) , washed the panels again (paint prep leave a slight oily sheen after rinsing only), applied 2 coats of glaze with GG orange pad, applied Meguires Ultimate Liquid Wax with GG red pad (to protect the glaze and make it last longer). Very good results. Cleaning the pad with the Glaze on it was difficult until I sprayed the pad a small amount of BlackFire MF Cleaner.

    Thanks again for the good advice

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