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Thread: Opti-Coat

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    Senior Member jimbo585's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Rochester, NY
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    I have heard such great things about this product but I just have to know...

    has anyone had it applied over a long period of time? Does it really last forever like it says without needing to wax? How does that work?

    There is a place by me called Ziebart that offers a product called "diamond gloss" and they say you'll never have to wax your car again and my parents bought it for 3 of their cars. let me tell you, it is the worst thing ever. Yeah the car looks great after, but all cars looked horrible after time of not maintaing them that I needed to properly detail them. Its just this experience that makes me skeptical on the whole never having to wax again. I know I can always trust AG products to live up to what they say but if this product has been around long enough to be tested like this, whats the durability on this and what is necessary to maintain a car with this product applied?

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    Senior Member Cosmin's Avatar
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    Re: Opti-Coat

    any coating you put on a car you still have to keep the regular maintenance on it .
    the coating what it does is to protect and help not "self wash and clean" ... if make sense
    so bugs will remove easier , less chance to get the paint stained , everytime time you wash it the car looks like just detailed etc...
    Detail Luxury and Exotics in Austin area
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    Jun 2011
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    Re: Opti-Coat

    I believe I read somewhere that Chris@optimum has had it on his car for 5 years. This coating doesn't replace proper wash and care techniques but it does make it all easier. It also is supposed to be more scratch resistant than OEM clear coat. I put it on one of our cars yesterday and will be interested to see how it holds up.

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    Senior Member dougaross's Avatar
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    Re: Opti-Coat

    This product has been around for years in the professional version which is now called Opti-Guard.

    I've only had it for a month. Let me tell you dirt does not stick. When I'm in a hurry I go to the DIY wash put it on rinse and in 4min. and a 5 minute drive on the expressway to dry and it looks like it was just detailed. However, it is not as absolutely clean as rinseless wash. But if you choose to a rinseless if is much easier since the dirt doesn't stick.

    I have found that bugs need to be pretreated with a quick bug spray prior to the DIY.
    2008 Audi A6 S-line

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    Re: Opti-Coat

    There is a very respected detailer on another forum that has had this product on a car for a few years with just maintence washes no additional wax

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