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    May 2010
    ankeny ia

    sealing glass with klasse sealent

    just wondering if i used this after dgglass polish would hold up in the winter and could i top it off with dg rain repelant or ami doing 2 much-looks like its goin to be a long winter in iowa

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    Jan 2009

    Re: sealing glass with klasse sealent

    I have traditionally used Klasse AIO to seal my windows/windshield with very good results. I always found that Rain-X never held up well and would streak (I have not tried Aquapel). I feel your pain, it is really cold in the Northeast (for this time of year). I am praying for at least slightly warmer weather to do my fianl winter touches on my car.

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    Senior Member Rhudeboye's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    Re: sealing glass with klasse sealent

    I've been happy with the AIO as well. However i noticed that they don't recommend it for the front windshield. Side windows, rear and lights are all approved.

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    Senior Member jlb85's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Rochester, MI

    Re: sealing glass with klasse sealent

    It is somewhat hard to remove, and having a hazed front windshield can be a liability for Klasse if they were to recommend it on windscreens. That said, I have done my cars with KAIO on the windshield with no problems. it is pretty darn good! But the work involved in Klassing it is much more than just using something like Aquapel. Goes on quick, lasts months, worth every penny.

    I have many uses for KAIO, been experimenting with it on random things for some time. I am going to try to use it as a shampoo next (joking). Use some on your touch screen phone and laptop screen to help reduce fingerprinting and dust accumulation. Also good on sunglasses. I applied some to my PS3 and flat screen TV, it corrected some marring and has kept them dust free for a long time.

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