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    Senior Member Lowprofile's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    Had a lady have here tint peel off of her front windows and wanted to know if I could remove the left over adhesive thats all over the windows now. Have any of you guys come across this? What product or products would I need to remove this mess? Don't want to get out there only to find out I need a special product. I am guessing 3M Adhesive Removal would do it but don't really want to purchase a bottle of it for just this one job. Maybe the 1Z Deep Cleaner?? Thanks in advance.

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    Senior Member agpatel's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Greensboro, NC

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    Try some IPA frist, then some goo-gone or adhesive remover in a small spot to see if anything happens. You could try 1z also and see how it works but think IPA on a rag and pushing it on the window and let it soak/sit for 15-20 sec will help you remove the majority of it. Plastic blades will help as well.

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    Senior Member ScottB's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    South Florida

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    I recently purchased a Saturn and it was tinted and not to my liking nor quality of tint. I contacted a local tinter that has done my cars since late 80's. They originally quoted 100.00 to remove. They then remembered my relationship and asked to bring it by. They sprayed some stuff on it after car sat in sun for a little while ... bladed one edge, and it came off in a complete sheet. Whole car done in 15 minutes. I was told tint is actually two ply and that taking off tint before it bubbles and decays makes it easy. Otherwise it takes alot of time and blading.

    Now back to your regular scheduled post ...


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    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    If you've already peeled the film off the front two windows, then use some soapy water and a razor blade to remove the adhesive. Be careful not to go overboard and accidentally cut any plastic or rubber, but this would be the quickest way to remove the adhesive. Make sure the glass is wet when you take a razor blade to it to prevent scratching the glass.

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    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    I used windex and a razor blade on my windows. Once you get a good technique it goes pretty fast

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    Aug 2009
    Los Angeles

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    Quote Originally Posted by maddenbowler View Post
    I used windex and a razor blade on my windows. Once you get a good technique it goes pretty fast
    +1. I echo watching the rubber, I "bit the hamster" on that one.
    "Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell." ~ Author unknown.

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    Aug 2008
    Jupiter, FL

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    If the film is coming off completely (no color film left) and not separating into two layers, I found good old Windex with ammonia takes off the remaining clear glue like a charm.

    When I was removing the old tint from my 535is, one layer of the film would easily peel right off and this was going to create much more work, so then I used a home steam cleaning machine to get underneath both layers for removal. The steam will get underneath and allow for removal of the tint in nice, large chunks as you use the vapor to push open a bubble. It took some patience, but after getting all the film off, the old glue wiped right away with Windex and there was no need for razor blades except for starting an initial "opening" in the film. I was quite thrilled to have my rear defrosters fully intact, since the steamer made complete removal of the old tint possible from the wires without touching them. Not that a defroster is needed in Florida, but it was nice to have a victory.

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    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    maddenbowler has it 100 percent!!! I do motor vehicle inspections and tint is illegal on front windows. Peel the tint off, leaving the adhesive behind. Spray the adhesive with windex or glass cleaner. Now scrape the adhesive off in strips with a BRAND NEW RAZOR BLADE. Here's the point: you don't want to dissolve the adhesive. If you do, it just ends up smearing around, making a bigger mess. The windex just acts as a lubricant that prevent the adhesive from resticking. That being said, if the glass cleaner has a lot of ammonia in it, it will soften the adhesive. The reason for the new razor blade is obvious: a used one could scratch the glass.

    Now, if you have to remove it from a defroster grid window, good luck!

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    Member BILLY_BLING's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    lily ky

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    I tint windows. set it out in the sun and let the glue heat up then take a Razor blade and so window cleaner and it will come off easy. Just a little elbow greese.

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    Optimum Guru Chris Thomas's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Middle Tennessee

    Re: Window Tint Adhesive Removal?

    Take a black Garbage bag, mix up amonia and water 50/50 in a spray bottle, wet one side of the black bag, wet the tint, stick the bag to the glass (wet to wet), let sit in the sun for about 30 min to 1 hour, then peel off the tint and use a cotton towel and the sprayer to wipe off the remaining adhesive.

    BTW place a towel over the panels under the glass or at least wipe off the solution so that it doesnt discolor your trim.

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