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Thread: Which version of Nanoskin?

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    Senior Member brettS4's Avatar
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    Jan 2015

    Which version of Nanoskin?

    Since I really hate using clay, I think it's time I moved on to a different product. I only detail a few cars a year (mine, relatives) and it's not so much an issue of time. I'm wondering if any particular format gives the best results (on a car with minimal contaminants), and if ease of use varies much.

    Here are the pros and cons, as far as I can tell:

    DA pad: more thorough but adds another step using a DA (not fun on lower panels)
    Mitt: can be combined with washing (basically removing a step)
    Towel: similar to mitt?
    Sponge: cheap but doesn't cover as much area so it takes longer; harder to handle than mitt/towel?

    Based on that info, I'm leaning toward purchasing a 'fine' mitt.

    Is there any significant advantage to using (or avoiding) any particular type?

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    Senior Member fly07sti's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Bay Area

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I have the sponge/blocks, towels and mitts but the majority of the time I grab a mitt. Covers a lot of area and really speeds up the decon process.

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    Senior Member Audios S6's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Shoreview, MN

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    The blocks, mitts and towels are tactile and audible. Less tactile than clay, but still very audible.

    The DA pads are neither tactile nor audible so you really have no indication of stuff is gone until you stop and check your work.

    For me, I don't dry a car before claying, I use a stronger dilution of ONR, so then mitt adds a step of rinsing for me if I use soap.

    I've gone back to a clay bar for 50% of my work. The towel for anything beyond an AIO and the DA for heavy contamination. I have a couple mitts and use them for correction work and anytime I have a helper as the clay then soap rinsing process is still faster in that case.
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    Senior Member parshooter's Avatar
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    May 2015
    Lewis Center OH

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I've only used the sponge. Have done it 3 times. Didn't seem to take long at all, and it was easy to handle.
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    Senior Member lane5515's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Fargo, ND

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I use the NanoSkin Mitt - medium. I've tried the fine and it just doesn't cut it most of the time.

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    Senior Member DetailKitty's Avatar
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    Jul 2013

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I use the mitts and love them. And like Audio S6 said, very tactile so you can feel your progress.
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    Senior Member Kamakaz1961's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Tustin, CA

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I am a HUGE FANBOY of the Blue Sponge Wash Mitt. Love it! Your car is already wet and has soap suds and that is your lubrication. This alone will reduce your clay time significantly! This is the only method I use when claying. I do have the sponge but rarely use it.

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    Senior Member TMQ's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Germantown, Md

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    Ditto what Kamakaz1961 said. Really love my blue mitt!

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    Junior Member
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    Oct 2011

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    I've had very disappointing experiences with my (blue) Nanoskin wash mitt. It doesn't pick up any of the visible contaminants that traditional clay will get: little black dots (tar?) and orange-brown dots (bug or sap?). If I press harder, it just leaves black streaks that can only be removed with tar remover. Has it gone bad or were there known defects? I've only done maybe 5 cars with it but I've had it for a couple years.

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    Senior Member Angus's Avatar
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    Jun 2012

    Re: Which version of Nanoskin?

    Mitt for me too. I have the small Nanoskin sponge too but rarely use it. The mitt and a nice soapy bucket is all you need to get the job done FAST.

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