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Thread: No hose for you!

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    Senior Member Jeremy1976's Avatar
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    Apr 2015

    No hose for you!

    I never see myself going back to a standard 2 bucket wash or using a pressure washer regularly. I have to say, I was very skeptic about RW's. Thanks to you guys for all the great info in here! That, in addition to all my own research, has made me an RW'er for life!

    Water savings, gas savings, less mess on my garage floor with added water, more efficient and time saved detailing, and just overall easier, are just some of the pro's to RW.

    The thing I keep thinking is I have been doing this all winter. Come spring and summer the vehicles are much much less dirty. It will be so easy to do a quick 10 minute RW.

    Been using Wolfgang Uber and just recently Mckee's N914! Thanks to all of you for helping convert me! Much appreciated! I won't be looking back!

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    Senior Member LEDetailing's Avatar
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    Jan 2016

    Re: No hose for you!

    RW is great. I like doing a lazy RW in the summer between regular washes. Hood, windshield, mirrors, and grill. Takes 5 minutes and gets the light bugs off. Can't stand starting a drive with bugs on the windshield.

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    Senior Member LEDetailing's Avatar
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    Jan 2016

    Re: No hose for you!

    I love Uber and D114. Will have to try N914 or ONR when my D114 gallon runs out. I will always have Uber in my arsenal.

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    Senior Member Mantilgh's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Boonsboro, Md

    Re: No hose for you!

    Right there with you.

    I thought there was no way that rinseless was safe, but forced myself into it. Now it's just about the only way I wash. I might have done three traditional washes last year, including customers.

    Just did one today, then when to the pay and spray did my wheels and wheel wells(backwards, I know). That did make me miss having a pressure washer a little.
    "The more answers I seek, the more questions I find."

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