I'd like to find a head for my shop vac that can act as an extractor (thin inlet) like a carpet/upholstery cleaner. I was going to buy a $5 replacement part to one of the Bissel units off amazon, but maybe you guys have a better idea. With these heads I'll have make an adapter or grind off the sprayer part and plastic weld or ductape the remaining hole or something, plus get it to fit up with the hose. I have found 10 inch wide squeegee heads but not 3" or 4"



I don't think I really need the spray part on this one, but like the vac head esp for crevices, but a little wide for water suction

thinner vac inlet for suction I think, but pretty pricey vs $5

The story:
My wife got me a Bissel Pro carpet cleaner for my boat. I wasn't impressed with it so we sent it back. I can boil some water and cleaner, use a sprayer and brush, and use a shop vac with greater suction. I got the rigid vac that looks like a tool box and has 5hp with 107cfm so it's strong enough. Mainly I told her to go with this so that it can be stacked where ever I need to, cleans debris, and I can always do carpets with it. Stacking stuff on top or under seems to be the biggest pain with my other vac when not is use, so this one seems like it will work great.