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At the end of the day you get what you pay for, don't expect a beast from a $60.00 machine. It's like going to Harbor freight and buying a polisher and calling yourself a professional detailer.

lol, this guy serious? I have two. One with a 3 inch griots heavy backing plate and another with a griots 5 inch backing plate. They are simple and effective especially when working on mustangs or porsches with lot's of contours and convex/concave surfaces. Plus for AIO jobs I'd rather use a HF DA with a 5 inch backing plate than my rupes 15 MKII because it is more effective at polishing close to trims and much easier to maneuver on vertical surfaces. It's also great for applying sealants. Plus, with abrasive technology and new thin pad technology paired with a quality backing plate I assume with a little extra time that any professional detailer could produce the same results with a cheap HF DA that they could with a fleet of rupes bigfoot tools. Just because you spend less money on equipment doesn't make you any less of a professional. If anything, spending less and being able to produce amazing results is something I admire in a professional detailer. It's like arguing you can't be a professional and primarily use costco microfiber towels.