Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound
Been around for a while, and I always keep some on hand. Great by hand for light defect removal, and can do some excellent defect removal while finishing down LSP ready when paired with an orange cutting pad on the DA.

Blackfire Paint Sealant
Used to be Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant. I remember when Todd Helme was closely associated with the Blackfire line before it was acquired by PBMG. Blackfire Paint Sealant has been improved over the years, but it is still top of its class in my opinion, being completely effortless to apply and remove, super slick, very hydrophobic, and rather durable as well (given proper maintenance).

Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax/D153 Synthetic Spray Wax
Easily the best spray wax I have ever used, and I’ve been using UQW since its release. Not really fussy regarding ambient temperature, applies very easy without streaking, super slick, smells like fruit punch, super hydrophobic, can be used on any surface (paint, glass, plastic, chrome), and can also hide very light swirl marks. Also adds noticeable gloss and depth, even on lighter colors. Excellent booster for existing waxes or sealants.