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I’ve had this brand new bottle of the V1 McKee’s Tire Coating on my shelf for a while... It came as part of a bundle when I bought a gallon of the Tire Rejuvenator and I never asked if they could swap it out for the newer verson.

I finally decided to try it 1 day on the Kia after spending about a good hour scrubbing the tires numerous times and making sure they were ready.

I literally applied the coating somewhere between 7-8 layers on each tire using a brand new foam applicator... Why so many times? Well for 1, I figured I would just dedicate this bottle to that vehicles tires and the main reason was because after each layer was allowed to dry for about 10min. you couldn’t really tell it had been applied. Even after so many layers you could bearly tell and 2-3 days later it looked like a straight bare tire.

Needless to say I haven’t touched this V1 bottle since.
Something is definitely wrong. I know it does not have a long shelf life so if you have had it for more than 2 years it has probably lost much of its performance. This formula is the Detailer's Pro formula supposedly tweaked and even with the DP version I saw a minimum of 6 months. This version to me always resembled and performed like a rebottled version of the Tuf Shine tire coating. Version 2 was the best one Nick had. Last me a 1 year.

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TW needs to revisit that product and brand it in their Hybrid Solutions line, maybe take the dye out and add grapheneBrand new tire coating??Brand new tire coating??Brand new tire coating??Brand new tire coating??Brand new tire coating??

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I wonder who will be the first to introduce a graphene tire product. Patent it now.

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There must be something wrong with the bottle, or the tires have something preventing bonding? I get 2-3 months of good behavior in Northeast before reapplying. Guz gets 6 months + I believe. Sometimes previous dressings being on the tire has created bonding issues for people though.
You are right. If tire dressings were previously used then the coating is not going to bond regardless how many times a tire cleaner was used. The tire dressing needs to leach out with weekly cleanings if going from a tire dressing to a tire coating for maximum performance. Tire coatings don't seem to take well to Michelin tires as well.

The previous version is where it is as before the ceramic series version. I just re-topped it this weekend with 4 more coats. Hopefully it the look lasts longer given that the tires were new.

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.....and glass coating
Artdeshine already has one lol.