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    Re: Topping for CQuartz UK 3.0

    I think they were talking about using a topper on top of a coating and not using a "designated" topper product instead of a coating. Most of the time people do it to improve the water behavior, make the coating last even longer, or boost the shine a bit after a wash.

    I think you'll like Elixr. It adds a bit more shine than Ech2O. From my experience, I don't know if it is really a QD spray like they advertise. For QD duty Ech2O is far better, but Elixr seems to do what Reload should, only far better (based on experiences of other here). I only caution that it doesn't work really well in temps below the upper 60's and you have to use very small ammounts to prevent streaking. It often takes a send buffing step and isn't a true wipe on/walk away product.
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    Topping for CQuartz UK 3.0

    I did a pressure washer rinse yesterday with a leaf blower air-dry.
    Spot dried and cleaned with Elixer and Ech2O, separately...not combined.

    It will be back to at least foaming with Reset then rinsing. It’s so dry here, I am keeping full contact washing to every other wash.

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