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    Re: Never noticed this before

    After reading through the thread again am I understanding this correctly, itís only on the hood and the QD was used when it was probably too warm?

    This is across the entire hood or only a specific spot?
    In the picture I can see a deep blue line just under the 3 lights, is that the smear? Or is it the smaller mark directly to the right of your finger?

    DMiglio.......probubly didnt explain the whole deal well...........the only place i can get this mark is on the hood. When you wipe the hood, it looks clean, but it will leave a mark whatever way you run your finger.

    The Fast Finished made it look better..........but the more i looked at it, i didnt like i put down my beer and grabbed the old porter cable buffer, and slapped some HD Speed on it...........gotta say its looking as good as Paul Mys truck on a hot summer night in NY.

    Im surprised you or Paul didnt rip on me for that disco Tri-Burst led light..........gotta admit it works pretty good for one of those seen on tv deals. Paul probably has ordered one after seeing mine.........copy cat. lol

    So i guess i"ll never know what happened here, i put a ton of whatever on this car and never had this issue, the only thing that was new was i tried that cmx stuff, and put qd on when the hood was warm/hot.

    Moral of this story is, dont drive around all day long, come home and start chugging beers and then say, hey i think i will detail the car. lol

    Thanks for the help guys, couple pics of the hood.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Never noticed this before-7-30-20-pic-1-jpg   Never noticed this before-7-30-20-pic-3-jpg   Never noticed this before-7-30-20-pic-4-jpg   Never noticed this before-7-30-20-pic-5-jpg  

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    Re: Never noticed this before

    Heck yeah Rich, turned out well, Speed is a great product! There seems to be more clarity and no haze in the finish which looked present in the first pic(to my eyes at lease). Good job!

    Now about that tri-burst disco light, turn that sucker on, blast some tunes and do a happy dance! You got a super clean and beautiful 66 GTO.
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    Re: Never noticed this before

    Looked up the SDS, the film is from the Quick Detailer. Fast Finish and CMX on the paint won't cause this. I'm actually wondering if you gave the quick detailer a thorough shake before you used it? Good general practice for any spray products you use. Film is most likely caused by the PDMS and kaolin particles coming out in an uneven dispersion and it's the one spot you didn't wipe enough because of either the temperature or the over concentration of the two ingredients on the surface.
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