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    DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    I've been reading this forum for a few years and learned a lot from you guys.

    This is only my second post. I thought that I could share with you this concept I had of an electric pad washer.

    I've been wanting a pad washer for a little while but was not attracted by the high cost and the mechanical process. After looking at a few Youtube videos of diverse pad washers to see how they were being used, I decided to build one... with a little improvement.

    This pad washer uses a small and inexpensive submersive pump that are used for fish tanks, ponds or backyard fountains.


    Below you can see the pad washer in action.

    Here are the steps to build this Pad Washer. I hope that it is ok to use external links.


    1 x Simple Deluxe LGPUMP400G 400 GPH UL Listed Submersible 15' Cord Water Pump ($24)
    You can get a cheaper and less powerfull pump, but I like to have the option to increase the flow if required.
    Robot Check

    4 x Orbit 1/2-in MNPT x 1/2-in MNPT Cut-Off Riser ($2) (Used for lawn irrigation)

    1 x Kitchen Aid Strainer/Colander ($12.99) (I am using the Kitchen Aid Colander because it is smooth, has perfect holes and has small wave shapes that do not damage my pads. )
    Robot Check

    1 x Harbor Freight item # 96619 Momentary Foot Switch ($12) (Mine is a bit different. I already had a woodworking foot switch in my garage.)
    Foot Switch - Save on this Momentary Power Foot Switch

    2 x Grit Guard ($10 each (You can use any brand. I used 2 different ones)

    1 x Bucket - 5 gallons ($4) (I used a Simoniz bucket as it is tighter at the base and the grit guard fit is snug. But any bucket should do)

    2 x Bucket Lid ($2 each)

    Tie Wraps

    3 x Plastic cabinet/drawer knobs ($1 each)


    Start by cutting the handles and the bottom feet of the Colander. I used a Rockwell tool to do that. Sand to satisfaction. 400 Grit gave a smooth finish.


    Put the Colander over the Grit Guard and attach with Tie Wraps


    Cut a hole in the center of the grit guard that is about 2 inches in diameter for the Orbit riser and power cable


    Cut a small hole on the side of the colander for the power cord to go through


    Put the 4 Orbit Risers together and cut to about 7 ˝ inch total length


    Attach the Orbit risers to the pump


    Cut a hole in the second grip guard so the pump can be placed in the center of it. (I used the Rockwell tool for that)


    Place the Pump in the center of the bucket. Place the Grit guard over the pump and get the power cord out by the side of the Grit Guard.


    Add some water in the bucket and adjust the water flow on the Pump. The water should be coming up to about 2 inches high. (You can fine tune this later to your liking)


    Insert the power cord into the hole of the second Grit Guard and take it out by the hole on the side of the Colander.


    Put the Colander over the Pump and connect the Pump to the Foot Pedal. Test out the water flow.



    Start by cutting a C shape hole in the first cover and a C shape cap to go over the hole from the second cover


    Attach the plastic C shape to the cover using a Cabinet knob (That will hold them together) The second knob will be used as a handle


    You can cut the third knob and use it as a stopper. You can also cut a small opening in the cover to let the power cord come out.



    1. Fill the bucket with about 2 gallons of water. Add your favorite pad washing fluid. (In my case I added some ONR)
    2. Set the polisher to speed 2
    3. Place the Pad on the Colander and start the Pump by pressing the foot pedal
    4. Start the polisher and move the pad up and down and left to right
    5. Stop the Pump
    6. Set the polisher to speed 5 or 6
    7. Close the cover and spin the pad
    8. Pad is clean and almost dry

    I hope that this pad washer will be useful to you. Fell free to improve on the concept and share with others.

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    Re: DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    Fun project I'm sure.

    For me, I simply toss my pads into a bucket of soapy water as I'm working then bring them to the wash tub and power wash them with a very mild 320psi Torx HydroShot. Works great. Last final rinse in a tub of pure clean water, wring them out, spin in washing machine and lay flat to dry.

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    Re: DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    I like the idea of using the colander - I've always been leery of the thought of running my pads against the sharp edges of the grit guard they use in the pad washers you buy - seems like a recipe to chew them up.

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    Re: DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    Great building/engineering skills on that for sure.
    It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk.

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    Re: DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    Good idea.

    Thanks for putting together and sharing.

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