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4: Dirty on contaminated pads - This one is simple to buy I think some people don't factor in that the dirtier a pad is the deeper the holograms scratches and overall scouring of the surface will be. Plus in the case of a traditional wool pad, the fibers mat together and become more aggressive, not less aggressive....

...Could it be possible it's simply time for some new foam pads?

How old are your pads?

How do you wash them?

Pads are not even a year old and I only use them on my own cars. So they’ve done probably about 6 cars worth of buffing.

cleaning them: I soak them to wet, then I use my hands to work/squeeze the product out until I get clean water out of the pad. Then its a little “whipping” to get excess water out and left to dry overnight in a closed cabinet. Once dry, they get a quick blast of air to remove any dust or contaminants that may have settled in them overnight and directly into zip lock bags. Of the bags fog up, they cone out to dry more and back into the bag again. They sit in the bag until I need them again. I use zip lock bags because they would sit around too long in open air.