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    Wheel Woolies Users - What size do you use most?

    Looking to get into a Wheel Woolies style wheel cleaning brush, but trying to decide which size would be best to go with.

    I'm mainly looking for something for between spokes and in their corners, I'm not too worried about getting barrels.

    Ive got the SpeedMaster brushes, but cant really stand them since they mainly just transfer the dirt/wheel cleaner from the wheels to my clothes.

    Wheels range from 5 spokes to BBS Style Y spokes. The BBS style have that frustrating lip behind the spokes that you have to clean, even if youre not doing full barrels.

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    Re: Wheel Woolies Users - What size do you use most?

    I use the large and medium the most. But it all depends on how much space you have between caliper and wheel barrel. If I could I'd use just the big one because it's faster but it doesn't fit, I end up having to use the smaller ones to get between caliper and barrels. The big one is good for wheel wells and rear wheels which has small brake rotor, still can't fit next to caliper but fits between rotor and barrel.

    I think it varies a lot per car/wheel design so I'm sorry I can't tell you which one is the brush to start with. I find all 3 sizes have some usage.
    Bruno Soares

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    Re: Wheel Woolies Users - What size do you use most?

    Usually there is 3 sizes. I just purchased one in the medium size, I think that one is a good all-arounder to use. I believe they refer to it as the spoke brush, and I'm happy with it. The bigger one is going to be closer to speedmaster size, so if you like that size, go with the big one. The very small one is good for very tight spots. Being that it is made of a softer material oppose to bristles, it won't fling water on you at all.

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    Re: Wheel Woolies Users - What size do you use most?

    Anyone found a cheaper version of these? They are super pricey up here

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