To prep for your first coating - take some time to read through some of these.

Ceramic Paint Coating How-To Articles by Mike Phillips

Here is a list of articles I've written on the topic of Ceramic Paint Coatings. Most of in-depth and filled with lots of helpful information. More then you'll ever find in a message on a Facebook group.

The below article has a TON of how-to info in it - besides the review of the product.

Review: GYEON Q2 ONE Enthusiast Ceramic Coating by Mike Phillips

This one is so important...

Installing a Ceramic Paint Coating? You MUST have a GREAT hand held light to avoid high spots!

Here's some more I wrote, most of them this year or last year.

Ceramic Paint Coating Lingo (words used in the car detailing industry to describe the paint coating process)

How to remove a Ceramic Paint Coating High Spot by Mike Phillips

Microfiber towels for ceramic paint coatings - How to care for - by Mike Phillips

The case against multi-year ceramic paint coatings - Road Grime = Surface Staining Daily Drivers by Mike Phillips

What are the benefits of a ceramic paint coating?

How to chemically strip paint for a ceramic paint coating

How, why & when to inspect your microfiber towels when detailing cars

Permeable and Impermeable - Towel Control for Ceramic Coatings

What are Ceramic Paint Coatings?

Mother Natures Car Wash and Ceramic Coatings

How to wash a coated car - The Gentle Approach for Washing a Car by Mike Phillips

Review & How-To: Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating

Detailerís Paint Coating on Single Stage Paint

How to maintain a Coated Garage Queen by Mike Phillips

How to safely wash a ceramic coated car by Mike Phillips - Traditional Hose & Bucket Approach

Black Label Coating Detailer & Booster - Synergistic Chemical Compatibility

2017 MONSTER JEEP - Ceramic Coating Class - Wednesday, January 17th

Review: Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating - 2011 Inferno Orange Metallic Corvette Grand Sport


Review & How-To: Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating

Review: Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray & Captainís Boat Coating with UV50

Pictures: 2002 Panoz Esperante - BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating

Review: - LC HDO Foam Pads - Makita PO5000C - Supercharged Dodge Yellow Jacket

Prediction - More one-step cleaner/COATINGS or CCAIOS i.e. Ceramic Coating All-in-One type products

3-Categories: Waxes, Paint Sealants and Coatings

How to use the SONAX CC36 Ceramic Paint Coating

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Ceramic Coatings Mike Phillips

A pulled up most of the above. A few key words and my first and last name finds a LOT of stuff on Skynet.