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    How to combine wash loads for towels?

    Hey guys,

    So I'm just a weekend detailer, so I don't have a whole lot of extra microfiber towels or drying chamois, but I do have separate ones for each product type that I use. Now my question is, obviously you want to sort your towels when you wash them in the machine, but I'm wondering since I am only washing a few at a time, how should I sort them?

    I basically have microfibers for;
    1. Wax/quick detailer
    2. Vinyl/rubber
    3. Glass
    4. Interior
    5. Bug and tar

    And then I have both cotton and microfiber wash mitts, as well as waffle weave and chamois drying towels.

    In your opinion, how would you split the load up to wash?


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    Re: How to combine wash loads for towels?

    I wash all of my towels together. Hot wash with a double rinse. Add a pint of vinegar into the first rinse.

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    Re: How to combine wash loads for towels?

    I normally always separate all our towels but we dirty towels and pads on a large scale.

    Most important thing is when being used, have a CLEAN place to put your towels as you dirty them so they don't get sticks and leaves or other debris on them so that when you wash your towels, one or two contaminated towels contaminate the whole bunch.

    Besides that - wash towels use with water soluble product together and non-soluble product together.

    I cover all of this and more in video #5 here,

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    Re: How to combine wash loads for towels?

    Good advice above. I'll add one of my thoughts. As I finish using MF I'll toss them in a bucket with hot water and laundry soap. That way no product has time to dry, it keeps any debris off of them it is serves as a pre-wash.

    As for washing all MF together I have yet to see any scientific evidence they need to be washed separately, I separate mine but that's only because I suffer from OCD when it comes to my cars.

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    Re: How to combine wash loads for towels?

    I am an enthusiast. I used to wash separate but then wanted to just do one large load to simplify things a bit. My only thing is after use I hang my mf's on hooks I have and let them dry. Once dry I give them a good "shake" to remove any large contaminants and then place them in the dirty bucket. After wash and dry I give them another snap and inspection before folding.
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