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    Drying towel feels scratchy

    I got a dreadnaught from autofiber, and used it a few times. Mostly using onr washes, and just letting the towel air dry afterwards. Noticed it was getting dirty after my second wash so I decided to wash it. Hadnt invested in micro restore so I used a tide pod. Towel felt fine after. Did a detail and decided to start using a drying aid, meguiars quick wax. Let the towel dry and it felt scratchy. Decided to wash it again with micro restore, but the scratchyness is still present. Soaked the towel in a 5 gal bucket, warm water and an oz of micro restore for a couple hours, did a rinse cycle in the washer with some distilled vinegar and the towel still feels scratchy. Have never dried the towel in the dryer. Is this towel trash after 3 uses or is there something Im not doing that can bring this towel back? Thanks

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    Re: Drying towel feels scratchy

    Dry it in the dryer on low heat after the washing machine. It makes a difference.

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    Re: Drying towel feels scratchy

    The drying aid mighta dried in the towel. Agree with Eldo.... dry in dryer in lowest heat setting. If still damp i hang dry. Id also recommend washing on hot. Never hurt any of my drying towels (PFMs).

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    Re: Drying towel feels scratchy

    Just to chime in,

    I've been using these towels for probably a year or more now and this means they've been used and washed and used and washed and they still feel as soft as the day they were new.

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    Going to do a fresh load of dirty towels right now.

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